CDSA Webinar To Introduce New Industry Solution for Operational Risk Management

These days, managing a business means managing risk. M&E companies especially are managing opposing dynamics of increased digital threats, proliferating vendors, and prescriptive corporate governance and policies.
It’s a lot to manage and keep tabs on – and it’s only going to get more complicated.
CDSA is proud to introduce a new Enterprise Risk Management Tool (ERMT) that creates a customized solution for your individual risk management tasks and responsibilities. The first module – Vendor Risk Management – is currently in use daily at Electronic Arts and Disney. And, courtesy of the membership of CDSA, it is now being offered for your company’s review.
Join EA, Disney, and Microsoft for a webinar introducing CDSA’s Enterprise Risk Management Tool on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 from 11 a.m. to Noon Pacific.
This one-hour session will provide an overview of ERMT’s power in managing your company’s unique risk management processes and policies. It will give attendees a full product demonstration to illustrate how ERMT could work within your organization to manage vendor relationships remotely and with maximum vendor online involvement.
CDSA Chairman James Dunkelberger of Microsoft will introduce how ERMT can help build a “Trusted Partner Network” of security audited facilities. Product architect Spencer Mott of Electronic Arts will explain the roadmap for the ERMT moving forward. And Ben Stanbury of Disney, who has managed the development of the software over the past 7 years, will provide the walk-through of the tool to demonstrate its capabilities.
To register for the webinar, visit