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Infor Adds New Alliances to Bolster Enterprise Asset Management Network (SCN)

Infor, the industry cloud company, has announced announced new alliance partnerships with Advoco, Inc. and YES Energy Source. As members of the Infor Partner Network, both organizations will focus on Infor Enterprise Asset Management to help provide implementation and support services to customers across North America. “Infor recognizes the complexity of both the utilities and oil & gas markets, which is why we partner with organizations like YES Energy Source who understand the particular nuances and requirements that technology must address for these customers,” said Lynn Sauder, vice president, Global Alliances, Infor.

Advoco, Inc. specializes in solutions and services for fleet, facilities management, manufacturing, public sector, and others. In contrast, YES Energy Source focuses primarily on the oil & gas and utilities markets, helping organizations to better manage resources and asset lifecycles, demonstrate regulatory compliance and simplify management of change (MOC) capabilities. Each organization brings years of industry knowledge and expertise to the IPN.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with Infor to provide solutions that can help organizations become more efficient, safe, and reliable. We believe that you should expect success with each implementation by providing focus and flexibility which are key components for us to successfully support our customers, and so does Infor,” said Marty Osborn, Partner, Advoco. “Infor EAM is flexible and is designed to help facilitate greater efficiency through its industry-specific functionality, so it falls directly in line with our strategic objectives. Working with Infor gives customers direct access to this leading solution, backed by our extensive expertise to help them make the most of their Infor investment.”

With any asset-intensive industry, unplanned downtime poses a threat to both productivity and revenue. Infor EAM monitors physical assets in real-time to help facilitate preventative maintenance and deliver performance metrics that can help organizations make better, faster decisions regarding maintenance and safety. As an audit-grade platform, its built-in workflows and collaboration capabilities are designed to help simplify and automate MOC while also assisting with regulatory compliance. Infor EAM is designed to help give customers the necessary agility to help increase efficiency and the visibility to help reduce asset-related costs and unplanned downtime.

“We believe that service, dependability, efficiency and flexibility are key components for us to successfully support our customers, and so does Infor,” said Brian Gorsline, President, YES Energy Source.

Lynn Sauder, vice president, Global Alliances, Infor: “The IPN is specifically designed to help partners showcase their unique strengths and capabilities in niche areas. This can benefit all stakeholders, because customers can experience deeper industry-specific expertise, while both Infor and the partner organization can collaborate to help deliver necessary last mile functionality.”

The IPN is a global network designed to provide the tools and resources necessary to help partners grow a profitable and sustainable business around Infor products. To learn more about becoming an Infor partner, please visit www.infor.com/partners.