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ONE+K Acquisition Boosts Space150’s Production Services

When digital ad agency space150 announced it would acquire Los Angeles-based agency ONE+K in mid-2015, the reasoning behind the move was simple: space150 would take advantage of the talent and editing bays of ONE+K, improving its own in-house video production capabilities.

On April 6, ONE+K began operating under the space150 banner. And the bigger, better digital ad company — with top-of-the-line clients like Disney, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures and more — is ready to make the most of what it acquired.

Ben Higgins, managing director of ONE+K, spoke with the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) about the changing landscape for advertising in a digital age, the need for balance between being tech-savvy and creative, and how social media is crucial when mapping out a campaign.

MESA: What’s the latest on the space150 acquisition?

Higgins: Since its inception in 1998, ONE+K has been a leading creative agency servicing the entertainment industry. ONE+K started as the chosen partner for the home entertainment divisions of the major studios, and has grown into a full-service partner supporting theatrical marketing for the studios, the video game industry, consumer packaged goods, the largest theme parks of the world, and more. In June of 2015, ONE+K was acquired by space150 and as of April 6 we are now operating under the space150 banner.

We couldn’t be more excited about the future. With offices in New York, Minneapolis, Venice, and now Burbank, space150 is a top digital advertising agency. We have full-service capabilities in branding, creative, engineering, media and production. The agency is driven by the mantra “destroy convention to create demand,” and rooted in technology and experiences designed to create connection. We are constantly pushing ourselves and evolving to better serve our clients, which include Nike, Disney, American Express, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, 3M, Buffalo Wild Wings, and others.

MESA: So, you’re now fully integrated as part of space150 — what does this mean for the future?

Higgins: Yes, we’ve completed our integration into space150 following the ONE+K acquisition last year.

With its full-service capabilities, space150 means additional strategy resources, media planning and buying, social strategy and a nationwide network. We are now uniquely able to help partners and clients navigate the constantly changing digital media environment, and create content and experiences that connect with consumers. Our expertise in delivering high-quality production and exceptional content is a tremendous complement to the strategy, distribution and creative expertise we have developed across the space150 network, which extends across Minneapolis, New York, and Venice.

Consumer behavior has shifted, and brands need to stand out through experience and design to win in our current war for consumer attention. As a truly full-service agency, space150 has been developing forward-leaning campaigns for 16 years and is bringing that same thought and methodology to the entertainment industry.

MESA: With your background in video production, animation, mobile apps … space150 goes beyond pure creative with a ton of technical offerings. How do you balance the two, creative and technical?

Higgins: By operating at the intersection of technology and creativity, space150 has proven itself. We have done this in DVDs/BD, web sites, mobile apps, animation, VR, and compelling social content creation. The company is rooted in experience design, and has the ability to seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds. Our clients hire us to help navigate the constantly changing world of technology to reach consumers with experiences that they want to encounter, purchase, and/or share.

MESA: How important has social media and shareable content aspect of entertainment campaigns become?

Higgins: Social media has disrupted the way we talk with each other and share experiences, and this influences how brands can and should communicate with their consumers. We are in a war for attention between social platforms, mobile games – everything is now competition to our messages. As such, social and shareable content should be the first thought of any advertising campaign, and, where applicable, use the traditional methods as additional vehicles of digital endeavors.

In the context of entertainment, social and shareable content has the opportunity to create more meaningful, exclusive or valuable experiences between fans and their favorite film, TV show, or video game, and helps supplement the overall experience a fan has with the entertainment property. However, the bar has never been higher and the ability to create high-quality, thoughtful social, shareable content is paramount. space150 really understands this and can deliver on what we pitch.

MESA: What’s next for space150 in the entertainment industry?

Higgins: Digital and physical worlds, propelled by the proliferation of mobile devices, are blending and the necessity to thoughtfully blend them has never been more apparent. We see the traditional event space, such as concerts, entertainment venues, amusement parks, etc., as ripe for a disruptive change in the way we bring experiences to consumers. Blending technology, experience design and social aspects is the future, and we’re excited to continue to push the boundaries here.