GrayMeta Launches Updated Iris Software Suite

GrayMeta’s Iris software suite, the company’s studio-grade media player and quality control solution, has gotten an upgrade, with metadata specialist offering new Iris 4K-HDR, Iris IMF (Interoperable Master Format) and Iris QC Pro software. The upgraded offerings are geared toward helping media pros better collaborate and deliver content throughout the production lifecycle, covering asset acquisition, post and through approval and distribution.

Iris QC pro now includes HDR (high dynamic range) emulation, allowing for HDR content to be viewed without the need for an HDR monitor, with evaluation tools used by professionals to make sure the media works across different specs and platforms.

Iris IMF meanwhile allows people outside of the QC divisions to view and verify IMF packages, with both improved accuracy and easy-to-use desktop tools. The Iris 4K-HDR offering promises simple media reference player and quality control tools.

“While GrayMeta Iris is already used to provide solutions to professionals in media companies around the world, we are excited to release this new suite of Iris solutions to address complex and ever-changing challenges through many levels of organizations and individual professionals in all areas from production through distribution,” said GaryMeta CEO Tom Szabo. “The feedback has been amazing and we look forward to the future of Iris growing further throughout the industry.”

Other available tools that come with the Iris software suite include waveform monitors, vectorscopes, audio routers, metadata, live embedded captions, phase meters, built-in test patterns, message boards and collaboration tools, which allow multiple Iris users to see the same video and make frame annotations.