Wipro’s Digital TV Middleware Solution Enables In-Car TV Reception for the Japan Market (MESA)

Wipro today announced that its Digital-TV Middleware Solution, which facilitates In-Car TV reception systems, has been customized for the Japanese automotive market. Wipro’s DTV Middleware offering provides a turnkey solution for global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of automotive infotainment systems to enable broadcast TV reception within vehicles.

Automotive entertainment is evolving from single function features, such as vehicle navigation and audio systems to broadcast and cloud-based media services like Digital TV and Over-the-Top (OTT) video streaming. Given this transition, there is a growing need for advanced media solutions. Wipro’s DTV Middleware Solution provides a robust, flexible and proven platform that allows device manufacturers to enable broadcast TV reception and related interactive services in automotive infotainment systems.

Wipro’s In-Car DTV Middleware solution adds value to automotive OEM companies by supporting a range of features such as Antenna Diversity, Background Scans, Service Presets, One Touch Support, and Error concealments. These features facilitate the seamless consumption of premium entertainment content for in-car viewers. Through innovative and robust methodologies for audio & video error detection, tolerance and concealment, cell & antenna switching, and segment switching, the DTV Middleware seeks to address challenges faced in broadcast TV reception within the vehicle.

This solution has been optimized for auto-grade hardware platforms. It is fully compatible with QNX, Linux, and Android ecosystems, ensuring compliance with the latest Digital TV specifications for the Japan market.

Anita Ganti, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Product Engineering Services, Wipro Limited said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of our Digital-TV Middleware Solution for auto infotainment systems in the Japan market. This ready-to-deploy solution will help our partners improve the time-to-market for their TV middleware services, thus improving their competitiveness in the market.”