CBS News Renews Licensing Agreement with Wazee Digital (MESA)

CBS News and Wazee Digital today announced the renewal of their long-standing agreement in which Wazee Digital will continue to manage and represent CBS News’ valuable archive for licensing distribution.

“We recognize the massive growth in content creation and the ongoing need for timely delivery, which is why we’re so pleased that CBS News has chosen to continue our collaboration for another two years. By giving content creators access to all of CBS News’ compelling moments, we’re assisting them in conveying their creative message,” said Harris Morris, chairman and CEO of Wazee Digital. “At the same time, by making the CBS News content easily searchable and licensable, we’re bringing new life to those assets and generating revenue in the process.”

The CBS News archive is full of iconic footage spanning the decades, much of which has never been seen outside of its original broadcast. Wazee Digital licenses and distributes this archive through Wazee Digital Commerce, a portal designed to help rights holders maximize the value of their premium content by connecting with customers who need video.

Buyers such as filmmakers, broadcasters, and advertising agencies go to Commerce to search for and purchase clips to use in their projects. In the case of the CBS News library, Wazee Digital has seen tremendous growth in demand from film and television producers — especially in the documentary space — who want access to this historic collection.

“CBS News has been expanding its capabilities to license its extensive library in recent years. We are pleased to extend our relationship with Wazee Digital and look forward to continuing to have CBS News video clips licensed and distributed utilizing the Wazee Digital platform,” said Frank Governale, vice president of operations at CBS News.

Unlike other stock agencies, Wazee Digital not only handles licensing and distribution, but also focuses on creating offline processes that improve the customer experience in an ever-changing marketplace. Wazee Digital and CBS News have worked together to establish such processes to provide access to noteworthy archival footage from CBS News that dates back to the 1950s.

Both parties understand the importance of search and discovery of content and being able to access all moments contained within the collection. Moments in history and news broadcasts are accessible to content creators to enhance their productions and more accurately tell their stories.

The workflow Wazee Digital and CBS News have put in place makes it possible for customers to research the CBS News archive, gain access to film/tape screeners, and license the content through Commerce.