Veritone, B6A Collaborate to Deliver Unique Video Analytics, Insights with AI (MESA)

Veritone and Block Six Analytics announced that they have entered into an agreement to integrate their technology platforms to enable both companies’ customers to leverage AI to better collect, analyze, and assess the value of sponsorships and branded integrations present in broadcast and digital media.

The planned integration of Veritone and B6A product offerings will provide customers of both companies with unique insights through AI-derived analytics in service of the broadcast and streaming media portion of the global sponsorship market, which is projected to total $62.8 billion in 2017.

The Veritone Platform offers a unified AI solution based on an open ecosystem of cognitive tools and powerful applications to capture, index, and search broadcast and digital content. Veritone will use outputs from the Block Six Analytics Media Analysis Platform (MAP), within B6A’s Partnership Scoreboard™ platform, for enhanced logo detection and valuation. MAP uses a combination of machine and computer vision to automatically determine the placement, prominence, and length of time that a logo or other object appears within different media.

“We are delighted to take the first step of integrating B6A’s capabilities into the Veritone Platform,” said Ryan Steelberg, president of Veritone. “The number of our customers asking for a valuation solution for sponsorship and branded integrations that span multiple media channels is growing, and the innovative B6A offering will allow our users to access valuations effectively and efficiently.”

Through the partnership, B6A will enhance its cognitive and analytic capabilities by incorporating additional AI engines from the Veritone Platform, including natural language processing (NLP), face recognition, translation, and optical character recognition (OCR).

“Veritone’s ability to rapidly index and cognitively extract rich metadata from broadcast and digital media will enable B6A to maximize the value of MAP,” said Adam Grossman, chief executive officer of B6A. “This integration will further Veritone and B6A efforts to better serve our clients, develop new products, and facilitate our continued growth as industry leaders in machine learning and artificial intelligence.”