DXC Technology Launches Agile Process Automation to Transform Business Processes with Data Discovery Robotics (MESA)

DXC Technology today announced the launch of DXC Agile Process Automation (APA), a new digital platform that combines cloud and robotic process automation (RPA) with embedded artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance a company’s business processes. Whether transforming existing processes to take full advantage of automation or creating new operating models to deliver business innovation, DXC APA provides companies with a complete agile solution. In addition, through the world-class DXC Partner Network, DXC is teaming with PwC, Blue Prism and UiPath to bring this offering to enterprises.

“We’ve entered a new innovation cycle, specifically in business processes, that is driven by the cloud, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence-based technologies,” said Mahesh Shah, vice president and general manager, Business Process Services (BPS), DXC Technology. “We are now able to go beyond traditional limitations, helping our clients leap into a new era of speed, productivity and efficiency.”

The DXC APA platform enables business processes to become more digital through cloud-based, robotic process automation as a service. Leveraging artificial intelligence technologies, the robots are self-learning and can be scaled to meet the demands of the business through a consumption-based model.

“The use of robotic process automation is inevitable for any large organization, and the questions today are where to apply it and how to capture its benefits,” said Dr. Ron Babin, adjunct research advisor, International Data Corporation (IDC). “Organizations must identify opportunities and begin process automation trials to understand how it can reduce costs, allowing the organization to remain competitive with market challengers.”

Benefits of DXC Agile Process Automation include:

Diagnostic and assessment: Through an AI-assisted discovery process, DXC APA analyzes structured and unstructured, or “dark data,” to give clients a real-time, fully transparent, high-definition view of their business process inefficiencies.

Advisory: DXC and its partners use this data-driven business process analysis to build a robotic process automation roadmap that leverages industry standards and business process best practices.

Modular automation: DXC and its partners quickly deploy modules from the BPS Automation Factory to give clients the agility to deliver fast results.

Hybrid digital workforce: With DXC APA, people, AI and robots work together as a flexible, hybrid digital workforce. A cloud-based automation orchestrator intelligently assigns and optimizes work across the digital workforce.

DXC APA is backed by its partners and more than 1,000 DXC automation experts who have deployed over 700 robots across three delivery centers, providing clients with greater process visibility, fewer business disruptions, reduced costs and less risk.