Videocites Opens L.A. Office, Launches Services for Leak Detection, Containment

AI-based video content protection and management services firm Videocites has recently opened a Los Angeles office, to expand support for the company’s existing U.S. customers and to make a bigger play for more North American business.

Videocites uses a proprietary video-based search engine to provide customers with scalable IP protection across video and social platforms. In addition, the company’s True Viewership Analytics services — which aggregates views from all video copies as well as from the originals —provides high-level management insights on actual content engagement and fans preferences.

Additionally, the company recently launched two new content security services for automated leak detection and containment.

The first service, Leak Serenity, offers peace of mind for content owners prior to the official release of their premium assets by automatically performing frequent searches multiple times a day, across all main video and social platforms, and quickly detects if any copies of the asset has been uploaded.

As soon as the first copy has been detected, the system shift gears to an emergency mode, called Leak SOS, which performs an hourly search for copies in order to remove them immediately and prevent proliferation, thus minimizing the exposure window and stopping accumulated lost, legitimate views.

Studios which have already begun using these services say they allow them to be the first to know about any leak incident, allowing them to contain and minimize the impact of the leak.