Qumulo: Software-Defined, File Storage to be 2019 Mainstays

File will soon be considered the “gold standard” for unstructured data storage workflows, and software-defined storage will finally go mainstream in 2019, according to a new year list of cloud predictions from hybrid cloud storage specialist Qumulo.

File storage will be embraced thanks to numerous advantages (application integration, standard protocols, data services etc.), while software-defined storage will see its day thanks to the needs of data centers for certain workloads that require API-driven software that can be automated and scaled.

“In 2019, customers will turn to storage technologies that give them choice, without forcing vendor lock-in on the hardware,” said Molly Presley, director of product marketing at Qumulo. “As a result, the promise of software-defined storage will finally be realized, with new file system technologies achieving mainstream adoption this year.”

Qumulo also sees less complex and far less daunting transitions to cloud storage in the year ahead, with customers increasingly demanding their storage infrastructure capable of running in both the public cloud and the data center.

“Customers can stop the guesswork about their data and eliminate data blindness,” the company said in its 2019 predictions list. “As file sizes grow into the billions and machine-driven data continues to rise, data awareness becomes a business imperative. Users gain visibility and insights about their file system in real-time regardless of file and directory numbers.”

Additionally, Qumulo sees the roles of administrators adapting to meet the needs of more programmable storage. More storage tasks will become automated, providing efficiency and freeing up administrators to focus on business results instead, the company said.

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