Hammerspace Announces Seamless Data Management for Hybrid Multi-Cloud Kubernetes Services (MESA)

Hammerspace announced a significant enhancement to the Hammerspace data control plane with the availability of global data management capabilities for Kubernetes. Seamlessly connecting the Kubernetes services offered by major cloud providers, Hammerspace makes it easy for DevOps and cloud architects to deploy persistent Data-as-a- Microservice while scaling stateful applications across multiple Kubernetes clusters, on-premises or in any cloud.

The global accessibility of persistent data across multi-cluster Kubernetes environments is the biggest challenge for scaling workloads. As soon as data becomes persistent, it must be protected and governed with enterprise data services without sacrificing performance, but it then becomes weighed down by the design of traditional storage approaches.

“Data must be abstracted from the infrastructure and managed at file-level granularity to overcome data silos; buying purpose-built storage adds cost and complexity without solving the underlying problem,” says David Flynn, CEO of Hammerspace. “With Hammerspace, logic and contextual information can be stored as metadata for each data object, making data programmable and declarative, allowing developers to orchestrate the deployment of data along with their other microservices as they scale-out their apps.”

Common persistent Kubernetes workloads can natively deploy and scale across existing NAS, object, and cloud storage infrastructure. Databases, like MySQL and MongoDB, require persistent data to be accessible from any cluster across the hybrid multi-cloud as they burst-to-cloud and back. Moreover, DevOps teams have an ongoing appetite to safely and quickly test with production data from their mixed vendor NAS environments into their DevTest Kubernetes clusters.

Hammerspace intelligently delivers data on-demand or proactively to persistent volumes through standard open protocols, simplifying consumption with native Kubernetes integration. With Hammerspace, all data is visible and available in a geo-spanning global namespace for intuitive orchestration through metadata- as-a-service. Data mobility is performed live and is automated by machine learning to optimize for cost, performance, and protection.

A workspace for data, free from the lock-in of storage silos, Hammerspace is a storage and protocol agnostic cloud data control plane, abstracting data from the infrastructure for self-service hybrid cloud data management, driven by machine learning and metadata management to deliver Data-as-a-Service. Make file data cloud-native with Hammerspace data management for multi-cluster Kubernetes. Automate once, deploy anywhere.