NAB 2019: GrayMeta Expands AI-Powered Extension, Creating Efficiencies for Customers with New Support of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop (MESA)

GrayMeta will give content creators and filmmakers at NAB Show 2019 an updated look at the newly released GrayMeta Curio extension for Adobe Creative Cloud. With the added functionality of the extension, users will now be able to streamline content creation within additional Creative Cloud applications like Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

The extension enables users to find content faster and more efficiently than ever, by leveraging deep insights created by artificial intelligence and machine learning – enabling them to quickly find the content they need, including specific people, objects, logos, brands, locations/landmarks and more.

“Adobe Creative Cloud provides content creators with the world’s best applications and services to create content for almost any type of medium,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for Adobe video. “They are using our applications to create positive experiences for their consumers. And with the additional functionality the GrayMeta Curio extension provides within Creative Cloud, streamlining workflows and enabling content creators to be more creative is a huge value to our customers.”

Through the GrayMeta Curio Extension for Creative Cloud, editors will be able to bring their ideas to life by providing them with the ability to easily find, edit and compose digital content faster and more efficiently. The extension enables users to access their digital archive within the Adobe application and find specific details of assets using insights created by machine learning and artificial intelligence. When the perfect content is found, easy drag and drop of the asset enable users to build content quickly.

“With the expansion of the AI-powered extension, content creators within production environments of our largest clients are now saving time throughout the content creation lifecycle – creating a massive increase in efficiency in their day-to-day productivity,” Tom Szabo, chief executive officer at GrayMeta said. “Today, we’re working with a leading post-production house to use the Curio extension to expedite their off-line editing process by uploading dailies directly to the cloud and we are generating descriptive metadata using machine learning and artificial intelligence – helping editors find and use clips faster. The value of the extension is immediate, and it’s exciting to see our customers take advantage of this value to build more efficient and profitable workflows.”

The new features in the Curio extension utilize data created by the GrayMeta Platform, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, to build rich insights about videos and images. The metadata from the GrayMeta Platform is loaded with details about people, landmarks, logos, objects and specific moments in the content that users can access via GrayMeta Curio, GrayMeta API, and now Adobe Creative Cloud.

GrayMeta will be demonstrating GrayMeta Curio and the Curio extension for Adobe Creative Cloud at NAB Show, Las Vegas from April 8-11, 2019 at the AWS Booth SU 2202 and the Google Booth SU 218