Importance of Modern Analytics Stressed at MicroStrategy Symposium

NEW YORK – The significant role that modern analytics is playing today within the enterprise sector was stressed May 15 at the MicroStrategy Symposium, held at Convene’s downtown Manhattan event venue in the Financial District.

Despite having access to loads of data, enterprises still often struggle to effectively deliver trusted insights to their entire workforces, and that prevents them from realizing the full value of their data investments, according to MicroStrategy. Overcoming that challenge requires pervasive adoption of trusted analytics, the company said.

Embracing analytics is crucial for many organizations and there are now four requirements for achieving “100% analytics adoption,” according to Vijay Anand, VP of product marketing at MicroStrategy.

The first requirement is having a “solid, flexible foundation for success,” and what helps a lot are using modern analytics, an open architecture that can be deployed in minutes and be embedded everywhere, and an enterprise platform such as MicroStrategy’s that offers high-performance applications at scale, he said during the first keynote presentation, “Achieve 100% Analytics with a New Class of Enterprise Intelligence.”

The second requirement is having information that anyone can use and that everyone can trust, he said. And what can help a lot are federated analytics like MicroStrategy’s that enable the linking of various distributed data sources to perform analytics akin to just a single data source, according to Anand.

The third requirement is having intelligence on mobile devices in every one of an organization’s locations that can be accessed by every person who works for that organization, which he defined as “transformational mobility.”

The fourth requirement is the ability for an organization to have “answers that find you” and, for that, you need “HyperIntelligence,” he said, telling attendees MicroStrategy is now offering that new, advanced class of “zero-click” analytics.

“We think of this as a paradigm shift in the analytics industry,” he said, calling HyperIntelligence “the beginning of the new paradigm shift,” adding this represents “the first time where we have used embedded technology to make that a reality.”

He told attendees: “If you think about the analytics space, every decade or so there’s something that’s revolutionary.” In the past, that was PC intelligence in 1989, Web intelligence in 1999 and mobile intelligence in 2009, he said, calling 2019 the year of HyperIntelligence.

HyperIntelligence is a new addition to the MicroStrategy Workstation that enables analysts to inject analytics and intelligence directly into each user’s Web browsing or mobile experience, according to the company’s Web site.

Federated Analytics, “transformational” mobility and HyperIntelligence are the three industry “breakthroughs” that will let intelligent enterprises achieve 100% analytics adoption, Anand said.

He noted that all three of them were included in and are the “major focuses” of MicroStrategy 2019, the enterprise platform that his company launched in January. “It is the most successful product launch that I have been a part of in the last 15 years with MicroStrategy,” he said.