Cognizant Named a Digital Workplace Services Leader (MESA)

Cognizant has been recognized in a new report as a global leader for its vision and strategy, innovation and investments, and its delivery of services to personalize and enhance the employee experience.

The Everest Group report, Digital Workplace Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2019: Enterprises, It is Time to Humanize the Workplace Experience, assessed the capabilities of 21 service providers.

Cognizant’s Digital Workplace Services solution, WorkNEXT, encompasses a range of cloud, automation, analytics and personalization technologies that enable a workforce to securely and productively work from anywhere, anytime. The services include cognitive virtual assistants, augmented knowledge discovery, and experience analytics to automate tasks, improve productivity and enhance experiences using devices such as tablets and smartphones as extensions of office workstations.

Everest Group highlights Cognizant’s partnerships in key areas such as virtualization, analytics and AI and its strong thought leadership compared to peers based on multiple client engagements where organizations boosted business productivity by empowering employees to work remotely with secured and seamless access to resources.

“Cognizant’s Digital Workplace Services portfolio is geared towards enabling client organizations to transform Employee Experience (EX) and establish a digital-native, personalized, and intuitive workplace,” said Ashwin Venkatesan, Vice President, Cloud and Infrastructure Services at Everest Group. “In addition to having credible thought leadership in this space, clients have highlighted Cognizant’s responsiveness and willingness to showcase value addition through upfront investments within engagements as key strengths.”

“The workplace, no matter the industry, is undergoing dramatic changes driven by disruptive business models, technology innovation, cost cutting, a push for increased productivity and better user experiences,” said Vinod Kumar, Vice President, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Cognizant. “Cognizant has the extensive expertise and solutions for the personalization and consumerization of the workplace. This traditionally required a very complex and expensive IT environment. Our WorkNEXT solution addresses these challenges and has proven to reduce costs, minimize complexity, efficiently manage growth and takes less time to implement. Being named a Digital Workplace Services Leader and a Star Performer by Everest Group is a testament to Cognizant’s experience and commitment to helping clients enhance business productivity and provide freedom of choice for employees to work.”