Avid Pro Tools Delivers Higher Video Resolution and Frame Rates, Streamlining Film, TV Post-Production Workflows (MESA)

Avid announced that the newest version of Pro Tools will be unveiled at AES 2019 in New York. Pro Tools 2019 will support higher video resolutions and frame rates, giving users the highest precision when editing and mixing sound to picture, smoother collaboration between editorial and sound mixing, and streamlined end-to-end audio post-creative workflows.

“The latest Pro Tools 2019 update allows audio professionals to work on the same high-resolution video used in Media Composer® (video editing software) within Pro Tools, eliminating the need for transcoding and file format or resolution conversion,” said Rob D’Amico, Director of Product Marketing for Audio & Video Solutions at Avid. “This dramatically streamlines end-to-end audio post production workflows, saving time and costly storage.”

With the demand for more high-resolution video content to be captured in 4K, the newest version of Pro Tools increases the efficiency of sound editing and engineering teams by enabling playback and display of 4K resolution files and higher frame rates. The flexibility to select frame rates and resolutions independently, and work with non-standard video sizes, is critical to support a range of projects such as web-based video, gaming, or new formats that become popular in the future.

Pro Tools 2019 also improves Dolby Atmos ‘in the box’ mixing workflows and delivery of multiple mixes in a single file. With full Core Audio support of the Dolby Audio Bridge, users can now send 130 channels from Pro Tools (up from 32) to the Dolby Atmos Renderer, simplifying Dolby Atmos ‘in the box’ mixing and playback workflows with Pro Tools | HDX and other Core Audio devices. Users can also deliver multiple mixes in a single WAV file for easier delivery of localized mixes to streaming services.

With the addition of Pro Tools into the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, Avid is now working closely with Netflix to ensure its solutions support technical and workflow requirements today and in the future.

Pro Tools is used in music, film and TV to compose, record, edit, and mix audio—in the studio or in the cloud. Pro Tools empowers artists, whether creating and mixing stereo soundtracks in sync with images, editing audio timeclips with timecode precision, or sculpting and shaping audio quickly when building scenes from scratch.