SoftServe’s XR Molecular Combines Mixed Reality, AI for Faster Drug Discovery (HITS)

SoftServe has announced XR Molecular, the company’s platform that unites extended reality and artificial intelligence to enable early-stage drug discovery researchers to generate new compounds, visualize them, and examine the molecular structure.

By using this powerful combination of XR and AI, developers can generate new drugs faster and interactively explore the structure and key properties of molecules, all in one solution.

From start to finish, a new drug can take 10-15 years to reach the market at a cost of over $1 billion, not to mention the long and complicated process of screening suitable drug candidates. AI enables drug developers to generate new molecules with desired properties, reducing the time and cost to search for and qualify research and test participants. Extended reality allows researchers to assess the molecular structure of new drugs and understand interactions between the molecule and a target.

“XR Molecular allows us to challenge legacy paradigms for faster drug discovery results. Artificial intelligence enables more cost and time efficient methods in the drug creation and testing process,” said Mykola Maksymenko, R&D director at SoftServe. “It is the first augmented reality application for the molecular structures exploration. This fosters more effective and natural interdepartmental collaboration between different research teams, before moving to the synthesis phase.”

XR Molecular allows users to edit molecules and recompute their properties in real-time with all data synced and shared via the cloud. The platform serves as a powerful tool for data representation and handling models of various compounds.