Prime Focus Technologies Rebrands Digital Dailies Service (MESA)

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) has debuted upgrades to its DAX digital dailies service — a 16-year-old offering that PFT acquired in 2014 — and is rebranding it, making it a part of PFT’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software CLEAR.

New collaboration tools, embedded MAM functionality, improved workflow management, the ability to handle raw, mezzanine content, an Apple TV app and more are being made available with the update.

“As part of CLEAR, we have expanded DAX from a dailies solution into a holistic content creation and post-production supply chain platform,” said Ramki Sankaranarayanan, PFT founder and CEO. “CLEAR brings to the table a host of creative collaboration & post-production tools in the cloud with powerful MAM and supply chain management capabilities. We look forward to delivering an exceptional user experience and tangible business benefits to content creators.”

An HTML5 player capable of streaming content up to 10mbps in 4K with HDR, multi-cloud architecture, the ability share content securely with both CLEAR and non-CLEAR users, enhanced security (including visible video watermarking) and adjustable user navigation settings are also being touted by PFT for the new CLEAR upgrades.

PFT currently counts half of Hollywood’s major studios as customers of its CLEAR software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

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