EIDR Participant March 3 Event to Celebrate Major Milestones

Celebration of EIDR’S first decade of existence, the introduction of the 2020 EIDR board of directors, the upcoming launch a significant stack improvement (EIDR 2.5), and EIDR’s plan for achieving 100% title registration by the end of 2020, all will be on the docket March 3 at the EIDR Annual Participant Meeting in Los Angeles.

As EIDR looks to the future, it’s already achieving critical data ubiquity today, and studios, streaming giants, EIDR’s board and more will be on hand to celebrate what EIDR’s accomplished to date, and look at what’s next.

Additionally, following the morning program, EIDR attendees are encouraged to stick around at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel for the afternoon OTT Supply Chain Academy, where everything from localization to personalization will be discussed in context of the OTT world.

Here’s a look at what’s on tap at the EIDR Participant event:

• Following welcome remarks by EIDR’s new executive director Kip Welch, the 2020 board of directors will take the stage, outlining EIDR’s strategic vision for collaboration in the next decade of operations. They’ll addresses the goals of speeding commerce, decreasing costs, increasing discoverability, and improving consumer experiences, all by connecting content producers and platforms with industry-curated unique identification. Bill Kotzman, Partner Product Manager, TV/Film, Google; Scott Maddux, Vice President, Business Development, TiVo; Freddrick Morrow, Manager, Content Localization & Quality Control, Netflix; and Alicia Tolbert, Director, Media Archive Operations & Global Title Management, NBC Universal, will be on hand.

• The morning keynote — “How EIDR Helps Streaming Services Deliver for Consumers” — will address the importance of leveraging unique IDs when designing and implementing consumer platforms within a content company. Christopher Stefanidis, Vice President, Digital Distribution Operations & Strategy, The Walt Disney Company, will share how EIDR is built into the infrastructure of Disney’s streaming platforms, resulting in 100% registration of all current films and shows appearing on Disney+ and soon on Hulu.

• “The Tower of Babel Updated” will examine the latest with the Language Metadata Table (LMT), which provides standardized language codes for use throughout the media and entertainment industry. The session will provide an update of the LMT with regards to adoption, engagement, and collaboration among studios, TV networks, and their service provider partners. LMT was launched in July 2018, and sponsored by the members of the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA). Yonah Levenson, Manager, Taxonomy Strategy/Analytics, WarnerMedia, will lead the discussion.

• In “Engaging EIDR’s Power User Group’” the co-chairs of EIDR’s “Power User Group” — Susan Cheng, Executive Vice President, Content Technology Operations, Warner Bros. Entertainment Greg Geier, Senior Vice President, Content Mastering and Delivery Group, Sony Pictures Entertainment — will discuss use cases and increasing user input through the Group and its plans for leveraging member knowledge and influence in 2020. The session will offer insight into the Board’s desire to have users serve as product managers, alpha/beta testers and creators of user stories to drive the continued evolution of the registry platform.

• Richard Kroon, technical director for EIDR, will offer an update on the upcoming launch of EIDR 2.5, a significant stack improvement set to debut by the end of the quarter. His presentation — “Requirement for Success: A Strong Platform and Foundation” — will begin with a high-level update and statistics on how the improved process performs for registry users and will walk attendees through the technology improvements and performance metrics that are driving the enhancement. Kroon will be joined by Carrie Moore, Vice President, Product Development, Premiere Digital.

• “When PBS met EIDR” has Rachelle Byars-Sargent, Director, Product Development, PBS, offering the opportunities, challenges, and adoption strategies around introducing EIDR to broadcast. PBS and its partners will provide EIDR identification and EIDR-enable automation for national distribution while the PBS member stations will take direct responsibility for their local productions and acquisitions, providing a model that could be applied to other broadcast networks.

• “Investing in the Future: EIDR 3.0” sees Welch and Eric Iverson, CIO and CTO of Inverson Consulting, preview ongoing discussions and plans for fleshing out EIDR 3.0, and will dive into specifics around critical issues that EIDR addresses for content creators and distributors.

• EIDR’s Board has designed a plan for achieving 100% title registration by the end of 2020, meaning all new content being released from each participant company has an EIDR, regardless of where (or by who) it is created in the supply chain. The workshop “Together to 100%” will be an interactive session that presents the project plan and campaign for 100% registration, along with the key metrics that will be compiled and utilized to track collective progress. Attendees will then break up into smaller groups to offer suggestions on how to achieve this critical milestone through the community. Kotzman and Tolbert will be joined by Susan Cheng, Executive Vice President, Content Technology and Operations, Warner Bros. Technology.

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