Digital Nirvana Unveils Transport Stream Outage Detection

Digital Nirvana introduced a near frame level accurate Transport Stream Outage Detection capability for its advanced MonitorIQ 7.0 broadcast monitoring and compliance logging platform.

The new feature enhances MonitorIQ’s video outage detection by automatically inserting black frames into recorded video to indicate the exact instances in which a loss of signal has occurred.

The industry’s most reliable, secure, and easy-to-use broadcast monitoring and compliance logging platform, Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ allows operators to record, store, monitor, analyze, and repurpose content quickly and efficiently with a minimum of clicks. Natively recording content from any point in the video delivery chain, from production (SDI) to consumption (OTT), MonitorIQ enables broadcasters to collect and use knowledge about their content to meet a wide range of regulatory and compliance requirements. The Digital Nirvana platform also gives broadcasters access to valuable next-generation content processing and analysis tools.

The new Transport Stream Outage Detection feature gives MonitorIQ end users an accurate video record of any spot in the video delivery chain in which a loss of signal has occurred. Rather than relying on the recorded video to detect loss, as is done with competing solutions, MonitorIQ constantly monitors the physical input for any loss. Once the system detects a loss of transport stream input signal, an encoding process immediately starts inserting black frames into the recorded video. When Monitor IQ detects the return of good signal input, it stops the insertion of black frames into the video stream.

This process allows MonitorIQ to report highly accurate outage durations and allows end users to view the actual outage in the browser-based user interface with a black slate inserted into the video.

“With our highly accurate Transport Stream Outage Detection feature, MonitorIQ takes the guesswork out of understanding the impact of signal loss in the video chain. Customers are notified of the exact length of the outage, and end users are able to create clips for proof of the exact outage duration,” said Keith DesRosiers, director of sales solutions at Digital Nirvana. “The new Transport Stream Outage Detection feature is one more example of how MonitorIQ continues to raise the bar on media logging solutions and delivers unparalleled broadcast monitoring and compliance, uniquely bringing together robust features to make everyday quality-of-experience tasks effortless.”