Veritone aiWARE Powers George Jon’s eDiscovery Platform, Accelerating Evidence Discovery, Analysis

Veritone announced a new strategic alliance with George Jon, a forensic, eDiscovery and compliance platform, product and service specialist. This strategic alliance enables George Jon’s Kits (technology platforms) to leverage Veritone aiWARE as an additional kit standard, accelerating the rapid discovery of actionable evidence critical to eDiscovery.

Powered by Veritone aiWARE, George Jon’s GJ Kits deliver advanced transcription, translation and object identification capabilities for video, audio and document-based evidence (ESI), expediting the eDiscovery process and meeting the growing regulatory, compliance and data privacy needs of global advisory firms, corporations, heavily regulated institutions and law firms. The global eDiscovery software market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13% to $6.3 billion in 2024, according to Complex Discovery’s aggregated eDiscovery market size mashup data.

“We are excited to add a leading eDiscovery application in the forensic, legal and compliance space to our standard product and service portfolio,” says Ashley Legel, George Jon’s Global Director of Sales and Business Development. “Veritone’s operating system for AI, aiWARE, enables users of all levels to gain access to and leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence in their day-to-day forensic and eDiscovery processes. We’re thrilled to integrate Veritone’s AI-powered translation, transcription and object identification software into our GJ Kits and establish this strategic alliance to put AI directly into the hands of our customers.”

Whether your GJ Kit sits on premise, behind the firewall, or in a public or private cloud environment, Veritone and George Jon will collaborate to determine the appropriate, customised hardware and software solution for your unique needs, using George Jon’s proven best practices.

“George Jon possesses deep, unmatched knowledge of eDiscovery platforms, products and processes,” says Jon Gacek, Head of Government, Legal and Compliance at Veritone. “Our new alliance with George Jon allows global corporations, law firms and service providers to more quick