Caringo Launches Swarm 12

The enhanced solution extends functionality to enable more flexible distributed protection and immediate global content use across geographically dispersed sites, integration into single sign-on (SSO) platforms and a simplified web-based UI so end-users can quickly find, organize and share files.

Swarm 12 includes support for S3 Glacier and S3 Glacier Deep Archive as well as capacity and performance optimizations for dense storage nodes and flash.

Today, organizations that are enabling distributed, content-based workflows and services are using various tiers of storage, asset management solutions and backup applications. At the heart of these workflows is the ability to access content and data over HTTP.

Many turn to cloud services; however, the compounding, unpredictable recurring costs of public cloud storage and the inability to meet performance requirements often present a challenge.

Swarm 12solves these problems by providing an on-premise solution that radically simplifies the ability to manage, store and protect data while providing access to any application, device or end user.

Swarm 12 transforms what was once considered an “archive” into a flexible, reliable and immediately accessible content library that enables remote workflows and on-demand access.

“Listening to our established customers as well as new customers such as Disney Streaming, BT Television, NIH and Real Salt Lake has inspired changes to our roadmap as we look to better serve diverse vertical segments,” said Tony Barbagallo, Caringo CEO. “For content-driven organizations, the functional definition of an archive is expanding. It now encompasses not only the secondary storage platform for long-term protection, but the initial repository that distributes and delivers content directly to computing devices, applications and end users. Having a highly flexible archive is fundamental to enabling remote workflows and on-demand access.”

Swarm 12 brings enterprise-cloud storage and data management services to any organization.

The benefits of Swarm 12 include:

•Automated management of distributed synchronous workflows via remote synchronous write policies
•Ease of use for end-users as they store, organize, find and share files through an updated user interface (UI)that includes drag & drop, multi-upload and hierarchical bucket listings
•Simple, authorized user administration via single sign-on (SSO) with SAML 2.0 supporting platforms like Okta, OneLogin and Google GSuite
•Cost optimization for long-term (cold) storage leveraging tape through S3 Glacier and S3 Glacier Deep Archive support and certification with FUJIFILM Object Archive(a tape object solution)
•Maximum utilization of chassis space and number of cores enabled by architectural optimizations for flash and dense storage nodes

Caringo has also made it easier for legacy applications and storage devices to ingest files into Swarm. SwarmNFS is now SwarmFS3.1, adding extended capabilities to ingest SMB files with improvements to performance, manageability and administration. And, FileFly3.1, a file-tiering solution, is enhanced with a new UI and support for tiering files from Isilon to Swarm or any major public cloud storage solution