Cognizant Shares AI Data Benefits at Smart Content Summit EU

One of the very few positives to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is proof of something digital IT specialist Cognizant has been saying for years: AI is capable of delivering “beyond accurate” real-time forecasts, providing complex future trade-off analysis, as well as dynamic next-best action recommendations.

Peter Elvidge, director of media and entertainment for Cognizant, shared insights around AI and its data benefits during the Nov. 5 Smart Content Summit EU event, in the presentation “Is Your Data Pulling its Weight?”

He discussed how the AI applications being used to track and predict the impact of the pandemic can be easily applied to tackle tough media industry issues, including maximising revenue with the right release strategy, minimising subscriber churn, and wasting the least possible in ad inventory allocation.

Elvidge shared insights from a 1,200-plus senior exec study on the value of AI, where nearly two-thirds said it was highly important to the future of their businesses.

You just need to discover where all your data is, including that which is buried in silos or hidden in your content.

To watch his presentation, click here. To download the presentation slide deck, click here.

Smart Content Summit EU was produced by MESA and MESA Europe, in association with CDSA, HITS and the Smart Content Council, which meets regularly to share best practices, evaluate emerging technologies and collaborate to accelerate the pace of transformation in our industry. The summit is sponsored by ATMECS, Cognizant, Deluxe, Digital Nirvana, Éclair, Eluvio, EIDR, Iyuno Media Group, TransPerfect, NAGRA, Premiere Digital, Zixi, Whip Media Group, AppTek and EIDR.