Videonetics, Wasabi Announce Partnership to Enable Cloud-Based Storage of Surveillance Files

Through this integration, Videonetics and Wasabi will provide low-cost, high-performing, and resilient storage for surveillance files in a highly secured cloud storage solution.

With no vendor lock-in or hidden service fees, Videonetics customers will be able to easily deploy a cloud storage option that allows them to scale-up or scale-down capacity based on their current needs.

The technology integration brings unique features and benefits:

Coupling Videonetics agnostic platform with cloud diversity options, without adding cost:

Recently unveiled globally, Videonetics Intelligent VMS 3.0 has a multi-layered approach to storage and supports multi-layer architecture where video files can be stored at multiple levels depending on the criticality and the required aging of recordings. By integrating with Wasabi, Intelligent VMS 3.0 can instantly transfer video files to the cloud directly within the application.

To optimize surveillance storage, Intelligent VMS 3.0 provides options for compression, framerate, and resolution when storing footage allowing for the reduction of files to a more manageable size for backup. For example, users can save footage in high resolutions for the first 30 days and a second copy in lower quality in the cloud. These options allow for greater flexibility in storage and video file management while respecting compliance and retention standards.

Manage the critical incidents videos with ease:

Incident or critical surveillance videos are usually accessed by Videonetics Intelligent VMS 3.0, video analytics and other applications, for forensic purposes. If video files have not been accessed in the last 90 days, or it is not tagged as ‘critical’ due to its association with some incidents, the file cools rapidly and Intelligent VMS will instantly move these files to Wasabi’s cloud.

Maintain video data in highly secured environment:

Combining multi-factor authentication of Videonetics Intelligent VMS 3.0 and Wasabi’s ‘truly secured’ cloud storage solution i.e., certified SOC-2 and ISO 27001 compliance along with 11×9’s (99.999999999%) of data durability, safeguards videos from any deletion or modification as well as reduces risk of cyber-attacks.

“We believe in building ecosystem relationships and focus on collaboration, and our technology partnership with Wasabi will address our customer’s critical challenges with video storage”, expressed Avinash Trivedi, VP – Business Development of Videonetics Technology Pvt. Ltd.

“Wasabi is delighted to be collaborating with Videonetics to deliver a reliable, flexible and cost-efficient cloud storage solution for end-to-end management of surveillance videos. With this integration, our partners can design highly efficient and highly secure solutions for both public and private sectors globally” said David Friend, CEO and Co-Founder of Wasabi.