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Mytonomy Partners With MESA to Deliver COVID-19 Safety and Vaccine Content

Mytonomy has teamed with MESA to make new COVID-19 safety and vaccine content available online.

“COVID has called upon all of us to step up, and Mytonomy’s contribution has been the creation of a new series for COVID safety,” including Returning Back to Work Safely and Getting the Vaccine, “to help combat the spread of misinformation,” according to Anjali Kataria, CEO of the Bethesda, Maryland-based company that operates a cloud-based customer relationship management platform managing and delivering content to health care patients.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global public health emergency that surpasses any other pandemic in the last 100 years, she noted. The Greater Los Angeles area has been one of the most severely affected regions in the U.S., with hospitals at capacity, virus soaring and residents enduring extended stay-at-home orders. 

Mytonomy, whose headquarters in Bethesda are about one mile from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and a few miles from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is a leading provider of broadcast quality content delivered to health systems across the country through a novel health over-the-top (OTT) streaming video solution.

Mytonomy is now partnering with MESA to deliver new clinically validated content through Mytonomy’s broadcast platform in the hopes that “anyone looking for accurate, easy to understand information on complicated medical topics will be able to find the information they need quickly, and apply it to their lives,” she said.

“We’re honored to partner with Mytonomy to provide this resource to our members,” said MESA president Guy Finley. “Anjali’s vision and approach to technology and content distribution are revolutionary in her industry. This is excellent information for everyone to know during the pandemic and is valuable to all our MESA communities.”

Kataria recently spoke during a keynote at the recent virtual Content Protection Summit produced by MESA, Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), the Hollywood IT Society (HITS) and Women in Technology Hollywood (WiTH).

MESA is hosting Mytonomy’s new COVID safety and vaccine content, which was designed to increase public awareness around key topics, including:

–How the virus spreads. The content introduces us to Justin and his co-workers Ashley and John, and shows how their carefree approach gets a lot of people infected, including George a senior worker with underlying conditions. The video then rewinds so viewers can learn, step by step, how Justin could redo his day to prevent spreading COVID-19.

–How to recognize symptoms of COVID-19 and what to do about it.

–How to set up a quarantine for yourself or care for a loved one. The content introduces viewers to Terrie, George’s wife who sets up a quarantine at home and cares for George, who tested positive. 

–Understanding testing options. Hear frequently asked questions from diverse populations and responses by healthcare providers.

–How to reduce risk by following established safety practices.

–Understanding the role of vaccines and get answers to frequently asked questions, including: Should you get the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine?  Should all healthcare workers get the vaccine? Will there be side effects after the 1st or 2nd dose?

–How to go to the hospital or clinic for other medical needs safely.

–Viewers can start watching with the short video “The Day Hope Arrived, I Am Vaccinated.” There is a variety of other information in bite-sized chunks also, Mytonomy noted.

–The content has been developed and reviewed by medical and public health experts and is routinely updated as new information has been made available, so viewers will see the most recent content.

Mytonomy’s goal is to “provide viewers with reliable content, dispel misinformation and empower viewers to make informed decisions related to their health and that of their loved ones,” according to Kataria. “Our engaging microlearning video library has been provided free of cost to reduce barriers to a growing body of actionable information,” she said.

“Mytonomy’s mission is to empower all people to lead healthier, happier lives, by leveraging the power of streaming engaging content with a modern robust CRM that transforms the patient experience,” she explained.

Click here to access Mytonomy’s new COVID content.