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Softtek Tackles Safe Return for Productions at March 16 SCS

One year in for Hollywood and the COVID-19 pandemic has still paused, slowed, or entirely shut down productions, and getting everything back up to speed means managing a host of local, national and international health and safety regulations.

At the March 16 Smart Content Summit event, the team at IT services and business process solutions firm Softtek will offer a unique approach to balancing COVID-19 safety and still meeting the rigorous demands of running a busy production schedule, in the presentation “All Quiet on Set! How Technology Inspired by Art can get Productions Safely Rolling.”

Softtek’s Aldo Gamaliel, head of digital APIs and microservices, and Jorge Zarur, media and entertainment lead, will explore how digital and cognitive technology — inspired by Mexican painters Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera — can help productions safely get back on track.

The pair will discuss a model for an end-to-end solution, designed to help organizations manage new health and safety logistics from pre-production to post-production, including: worksite and facilities management; specifications for practicing social distancing across locations; health screening; contact tracing; and everything else across the production lifecycle.

The Smart Content Summit is produced by MESA and the Smart Content Council, and is sponsored by Microsoft Azure, Whip Media Group, Richey May Technology Solutions, BeBanjo, Digital Nirvana, Softtek, 24Notion, EIDR and Signiant.

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