Minim, Irdeto Expand Trusted Home Platform in Europe

The expansion will deliver faster AI-driven services and improved reliability for Trusted Home, developed by Minim and Irdeto.

The Russia addition was catalysed by Irdeto’s partnership with Microimpuls, an established software developer for Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) and over-the-top (OTT) provider that serves Russian operators and 10 million subscribers.

Irdeto’s existing partnership with Microimpuls includes the setup of hosted Conditional Access (CA) for operators in Russia and the region, and this partnership is now expanding to the Trusted Home cloud in Russia. Trusted Home offers an intuitive subscriber mobile app and web portal for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to improve customer satisfaction, retention, and operational cost.

“Trusted Home meets all modern requirements of working in a WiFi environment, both at home and in business,” explained Microimpuls CTO Konstantin Shpinev. “The constant monitoring of network events using artificial intelligence allows providers to detect and warn operators and users of all home network malfunctions – unmistakably and in the shortest time possible. That’s important because the less time it takes to find a problem and fix it, the higher users’ confidence in their operators.”

The Trusted Home data centre expansion has demonstrated Minim’s multi-cloud capabilities with proven deployments in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and on-premise data centres.

Now running services in Paris, two locations in the US, Amsterdam and available in Russia in Q2 2021, Minim reports the deployments will demonstrate that localised facilities dramatically improve the end-user experience and enable compliance with:

–Faster AI-driven learning. With closer proximity to end users, the platform reduces the time to connected device identification and performance analysis by up to 50%.
–Global reliability and an expanded DNS server network. The geographic distribution and cloud service distribution of Minim’s platform are resiliency measures. Minim’s DNS services are part of the deployments, enabling faster feature performance of ad block, parental controls, and security monitoring.
–Faster mobile and web app performance. Local end users experience faster performance of applications powered by Minim.
–Compliance capabilities. Minim continues to demonstrate its capabilities designed to comply with GDPR and other regulations with data storage and processing locality requirements.

“This is exciting platform growth that reminds us that secure and reliable connectivity is needed in homes everywhere,” said Minim CEO Gray Chynoweth. “I’m proud of our partnership with Irdeto and the modern, multi-cloud SaaS platform we’ve built. These ingredients have enabled Minim to activate new data centres in Europe—meeting end users where they are.”

The Trusted Home solution won Innovative Product of the Year for IoT for 2020 at Cyber Security Awards; Irdeto was named Most Innovative Cyber Security Company for 2021 at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.