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Sony Electronics Upgrades the In-Car Audio Experience

Sony Electronics announced new, trio of car AV receivers, offering upgraded utility, powerful sound and smart features.

“Sony is consistently looking for new and innovative ways to elevate its products,” said Daisuke Kawaguchi, Vice President of Home Entertainment & Sound, Sony Electronics Inc. “With new HDMI capabilities, our latest car AV receivers deliver a connected experience perfect for long journeys.”

XAV-AX8100 and XAV-AX5600 Car AV Receiver Key Features:

The XAV-AX8100 and XAV-AX5600 car AV receivers are sister models of the well-regarded XAV-AX8000 and XAV-AX5500 models. While maintaining sophisticated design, seamless utility, smart features and powerful audio, the new models now include an additional HDMI input1 that allows customers to enjoy extended connectivity.

Each model includes a premium display with a sleek brushed aluminum key terminal. The XAV-AX8100 features an 8.95-inch antiglare clear responsive touchscreen with a three-way adjustable display mount and customizable wallpaper. The XAV-AX5600 offers a 6.95-inch bezel-less flush surface display.

With EXTRA BASS™ and Sound Optimization technology, customers will experience deep punchy sound that is perfectly suited for their car environments. Bluetooth®, dual USB ports2 and 5V 3-pre out offer a full suite of connectivity while smart features like Apple CarPlay3, Android Auto™4 and WebLink® Cast keep customers focused on what’s important: the road.

XAV-AX150 Car AV Receiver Key Features:

This 6.95-inch touchscreen car AV receiver features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and allows bass lovers to enjoy powerful audio in any vehicle. Built-in 4-channel amplifier delivers 55 watts x 4 / 20 watts x 4 power output while its EXTRA BASS™ capabilities overcome engine noise and reproduce clear punchy sound at any volume level. Thanks to the Dynamic Stage Organizer (DSO), users will experience a sound field ideal for the inside of vehicles, as if there were speakers on the dashboard.

The new model also offers FLAC audio file compatibility, Quick Wake Up, 3 pre-out, a space saving single DIN rear chassis, and rearview camera-ready feature with parking guidelines.