Veritone Launches, a Complete End-to-End Voice-as-a-Service Solution

Veritone creates new and immediate revenue opportunities for media companies, brands and celebrities, while reducing time and travel constraints and accelerating the creation and monetization of synthetic voice content.

Veritone supports both text-to-speech and speech-to-speech processes and offers the first complete, end-to-end suite of voice capabilities and features –– including creation and usage; management; production workflows; licensing, compliance and clearance; and monetization.

Built on aiWARE, Veritone’s proprietary operating system for artificial intelligence, Veritone also enables users to leverage multiple best-in-class voice engines, ensuring they utilize the best solution possible for their specific needs.

Veritone aiWARE also gives Veritone users the ability to combine top voice engines with other cognitive capabilities –– such as translation, sentiment analysis and content classification –– to create the highest quality content at scale.

In an increasingly digital world, brands and media companies are struggling to produce content at the rapid rate consumers have come to expect, due to constraints related to talent, production, personalization and licensing.

Veritone bridges this content gap, allowing brands and media companies to expand and streamline advertising and content production to connect and keep customers engaged, while also finding new revenue opportunities, reducing time-to-market, and easily managing compliance and clearance for synthetic voice content.

“Veritone is a natural extension of our expertise in artificial intelligence, digital content licensing and audio advertising,” said Ryan Steelberg, president of Veritone. “By offering the most advanced synthetic voice models and supporting both text-to-speech and speech-to-speech processes, Veritone is setting the standard for the synthetic content ecosystem. Whether you’re a media company, brand, or an influencer, celebrity or athlete, the ability to easily create custom, authentic voices means that Veritone is a true game-changer for the media and entertainment industries.”

While synthetic voice technology is powerful, it is imperative that it be used in a way that is clear, compliant, and used with consent from the voice owners.

Veritone is the first, true VaaS solution that can not only store, share and automate voice processes, but also protect them, thanks to its secure, digital rights, cloud-based architecture and Veritone’s deep expertise in digital content licensing and rights management holdings.

As an active member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Open Voice Network, Veritone will lead and participate in developing global best practices for synthetic content, in addition to sponsoring a think tank with industry leaders to govern the commercial use and protection of synthetic voice technology.