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Sony Electronics’ ‘Visual Story’ Version 2.0 App Adds Compatibility With Video Content

Visual Story is the perfect tool to deliver an excellent experience for all types of clients and use cases that require immediate delivery, including weddings, corporate events, school activities, sports, and family gatherings. To meet the growing needs of today’s creators, Visual Story will continue to add improvements and enhanced capabilities in future versions.

Video Support in Story Gallery
With version 2.0 of the Visual Story app, users can now include video content in a Story Gallery to easily share those special moments with their clients. Once the video files are transferred to the app, users can also easily edit video in the Visual Story app by manually trimming unnecessary portions of each video file uploaded. This new feature is compatible with the Alpha 7S III, Alpha 1 and FX3 camera models.

SD Card Reader Support and Mass Storage
In case the network connection at the site of the live event is not strong enough, Version 2.0 now allows users to select and import photos via an SD card reader and a USB mass storage connection. The photographer can connect directly to an Apple SD card reader or directly to a camera in mass storage mode with a USB cable, making it easier than ever to select images and import them into the Visual Story app.

Improved Connectivity and Usability
For easier operation, the app will automatically reconnect if the connection between the user’s smartphone and camera is lost. As an additional benefit, the number of setting options that can be copied from the smartphone to the camera via Bluetooth has increased.

Visual Story Version 2.0 also improves usability based on user feedback. This includes:

-Optimizing import destination settings
-Reconnecting when FTP connection is lost
-Simplifying the number of steps to create a Story Gallery
-Displaying the original file name in a Story Gallery
-Supporting individual downloads for photo and video in a Story Gallery
-Increasing the expiration time for a Live Gallery for up to 24 hours
-Adding background color options in a Story Gallery

Compatibility and Availability
Visual Story Version 2.0 is available now for iOS in the App Store for free and is compatible with select Sony cameras including: Alpha 7C, Alpha 7 III, Alpha 7R IV, Alpha 7S III, Alpha 9, Alpha 9 II, Alpha 1 and FX3i. Cameras from other manufacturers may also be compatible if they support the FTP transfer functionii.

To make Visual Story available to more users, Sony is planning to expand support to Android later this fall.