Atos Ensures High-Quality Video Streaming for Large Sailing Competitions

Atos today announces that it has successfully provided Timeline Television, global leading provider of broadcast technology services, with a solution that enabled the company to securely provide high-quality live video of large sailing competitions for live broadcasting. This included the first-time athletes have carried personal microphones, greatly enhancing the audio coverage.

Timeline Television’s role is to deliver videos from the competitors’ boats during the race to broadcasting services organisations so they can select which videos are diffused live. This enabled to integrate live feeds from the ships into the official commentaries on the events.

Atos provided the streaming and LTE1 solution to Timeline Television. During competitions, the video streams had to be of the highest quality and available in real-time. As the video capture devices had to be placed on the vessels, it was essential that they were easy to use while also being lightweight, compact, waterproof, and resilient so skippers would not be disturbed by the equipment while competing.

Atos developed and delivered an all-onshore and innovative solution which included Lifelink LTE network infrastructures, along with high-end light and rugged smartphones, a bespoke application for control, as well as digital services. The project involved teams from France, Hungary, Croatia, and Austria.

“I am proud of the solutions that we have been able to implement with Atos to deliver exceptional video feeds to all sailing fans. Working in a broadcast environment and within the constraints of the Covid 19 pandemic, the professionalism and resourcefulness of the Atos team enabled us to deliver outstanding pictures from sailing competitions. Innovation is very important to us, and this project is a perfect example of the flexibility and inventiveness we look for when working with our partners.” said Simon Fell, Unit Manager and RF Project Manager, Timeline Television.

Above all, we want to ensure the best possible experience for sports fans, so that they can live the event as if they were there. With Atos’ solution for Timeline Television, we are ever closer to the sporting experience. We are proud of this work which illustrates the relevance and reliability of our offerings to the media industry,” said Stanley Alozie, Telecom, Media & Technology Leader for UK & Ireland at Atos.