Anuvu Offers Onboard Revenue Solution for Airlines with Airtime Market

Anuvu announced the launch of Airtime Market, a new offering in the company’s award-winning Airtime Portal. The product enables passengers to order and pay for food and beverage items directly from their personal devices, giving airlines full transparency across their onboard revenue and inventory.

Airtime Market offers a much-needed solution to several challenges currently afflicting the aviation industry relating to manual in-flight food and beverage services. The new solution addresses the unnecessary costs, uncertain inventory levels and potential transaction fraud that are typically incited with manual payment services.

Additionally, as health and wellness continue to be a top priority for airlines, Airtime Market ensures that flight attendants are spending less time in the aisle, decreasing health risks that arise through person-to-person exposure, and reduces cost, logistics and hygienic concerns associated with printed menus.

“When it comes to in-flight food and beverage service, airlines have been relying on outdated and manual processes for far too long,” says Mike Pigott, EVP of Connectivity at Anuvu. “Recent technological advancements have afforded us the opportunity to simplify the online purchasing process for consumers and businesses alike, aviation industry included. Anuvu is eager to continue moving the needle forward and empowering airlines to take control of their onboard revenue and ensure optimal passenger experiences.”

Airtime Market also offers extensive passenger features including contactless ordering and payment, simple dietary navigation and filtering, real time order tracking, auto-generated electronic receipts, and digital coupons.