OOONA Partners With SDVI on Workflow Integration

OOONA has partnered with SDVI to help organisations automate their media localisation workflow. The first phase of the partnership is complete with OOONA’s Convert API now available in the SDVI platform.

The tool allows easy on-demand conversion to and from a wide range of industry standard subtitle and caption file formats, and is frequently updated with new formats in response to market needs.

The second phase of the collaboration between the two companies involves deeper integration with OOONA’s state-of-the-art online transcription and subtitling tools as well as APIs into its flagship Integrated platform which is currently employed by media localisers all over the world.

SDVI Rally is a cloud-based media supply chain optimisation platform that brings together tools and infrastructure to prepare content for distribution. It enables media operators to manage an entire system of content solutions, from ingest, processing and packaging to archiving and distribution. This makes the media supply chain more responsive to market dynamics, increasing the efficiency of resource utilisation as well as allowing faster and more intelligent decisions.

“The media landscape is rapidly evolving with content being delivered in a wide variety of formats and at fluctuating volumes from hundreds of production houses and facilities all over the world,” says Andy Brinck, Vice President of Alliances at SDVI. “Content owners look for agility and visibility, as well as ways to optimise and streamline the process. Rally offers an elastic infrastructure that can meet the demands of new workloads, as well as smart QC and automation to guide operators effortlessly through potential issues with their content. Aside from scalability, one of the key benefits of our platform is the flexibility it provides in taking advantage of different third-party technologies that are needed to satisfy specific demands of each stage in the supply chain. Media localisation is a growing part of content processing and having OOONA’s solutions available through our Rally platform gives customers an easy way to meet the market demand.”

“Our goal has always been to be at the heart of the media localisation workflow,” adds Wayne Garb, OOONA founder and CEO. “Partnering with SDVI means we are part of a market-leading cloud-native supply chain ecosystem and our suite of tools is now available to an even wider user base.”