NAGRA Wins CSI Award for Holistic Cyber Protection

NAGRA announced that its Holistic Cyber Protection has won the 2022 CSI Award in the Best Cybersecurity Product or Service category. The solution combines NAGRA’s anti-piracy intelligence capabilities, created from over 30 years of fighting content piracy, with powerful cyber threat detection and response tools from Kudelski Security, the Kudelski Group’s cybersecurity division.

This centralized approach equips pay-TV/ OTT and telco service providers with the solution to fight content piracy and cybercrime that is unrivaled in the industry.

“This CSI Award further validates the innovative and global approach NAGRA takes against both content piracy and illicit cyber-attacks of any kind,” said Tim Pearson, Vice President Global Solution Marketing at NAGRA. “As a leading solution provider to the media and entertainment industry, our continued focus on innovation ensures our customers always have comprehensive content, service and infrastructure protection. This award demonstrates industry recognition of that commitment.”

Utilizing leading-edge piracy intelligence services alongside incident response and wider cybersecurity services, NAGRA delivers a data-driven solution that addresses the security needs of today’s media and entertainment market. The solution forewarns of service vulnerabilities, provides a single point of contact in the event of an attack, and delivers a holistic yet pragmatic approach to the many challenges facing video service operators today.