Anuvu Unveils New Real-Time Data on U.S. Airline Performance

Anuvu is offering airlines, travelers and others new insights into U.S. carriers’ operations with its Pulse aviation dashboard showing real-time airline operational performance across the industry.

The public dashboard covers all U.S. airline operations, including regional carriers, to present real-time insight into the current performance of the U.S. aviation system.

For the past decade, Pulse has powered operational systems at major airlines and airports worldwide, providing real-time situational awareness and competitive intelligence to key aviation decision makers.

The user-friendly dashboard also shows airlines’ hub performance and a heat map of operational challenges—both of which are updated in real-time as conditions change. Pulse’s detailed data shows operations by both mainline and regional carriers, which offers deeper insight about the overall U.S. aviation system.

“Given staffing, capacity and air-traffic control constraints that have challenged U.S. airlines, Anuvu’s Pulse dashboard introduces a new, real-time view of airline performance metrics, including cancellations and delays,” said Edmund Otubuah, Anuvu Product Director, Analytics and Insights. “By organizing airline data by marketing carrier and regional flights by each airline, Pulse data better informs airlines, the news media, and other industry stakeholders about how these constraints impact airline operations and travelers.”