CoreSite to Launch New Open Cloud Exchange Automation and Direct-to-Cloud Capabilities With Google Cloud

Customers will be able to leverage additional automated provisioning functionality required to provision hybrid architectures within Google Cloud and direct cloud-to-cloud communication capabilities through the OCX.

Working together with CoreSite’s high-performance switching platform, the OCX enables secure, low latency connectivity among the company’s data centers, cloud providers and digital ecosystem needed to reach new markets, rapidly scale on-demand, reduce total cost of operation (TCO) and accelerate IT modernization.

Since revolutionizing network connectivity over a decade ago with the introduction of the OCX, CoreSite has continually invested in building out the platform to support modern use cases in the age of digitization. The new network services will provide enhanced automation for Google Cloud to the OCX ecosystem, in addition to the capabilities currently available with AWS and Microsoft® Azure Clouds.

“The Open Cloud Exchange makes it easy for customers to deploy a high-performance hybrid architecture — faster, more securely and at a lower TCO — through our industry-leading network automation and switching fabric as well as our user-friendly, self-service delivery platform,” said Matt Senderhauf, Vice President of Interconnection Strategy and Product Management at CoreSite. “By launching these additional direct-to-cloud capabilities on our OCX platform, CoreSite is delivering on a future-ready product roadmap designed to meet customers’ ever-changing, critical IT infrastructure requirements.”

In addition to launching cloud connect capabilities, CoreSite customers can expect additional OCX enhancement announcements – including new cloud service and branch-to-data-center connectivity capabilities – in the coming months.