Tech Mahindra Selected by StarHub For Digital Transformation to Enhance Customer Offerings

Tech Mahindra is assisting StarHub to modernise its IT operations for consumer facing systems and processes, to simplify user journeys, achieve increased IT operational efficiency, and improve customer experiences.

The partnership has allowed StarHub roll out product offers and business changes quicker, launch a reliable and agile platform to future-proof its investments, and fast-track innovation based on cloud native principles.

Rajesh Chandiramani, Business Head, Communications-Media-Entertainment for EMEA and APJI Markets, Tech Mahindra, said, “Our partnership with StarHub is another step in our continued journey towards providing best-in-class digital transformation offerings to enterprises across the world. We commenced this project in February 2022, and in 36 weeks, we helped StarHub launch a digital portfolio aligned with its DARE+ strategy, allowing it to achieve its goal of becoming a complete digital services provider. StarHub’s Infinity Play model, which provides an infinite continuum of connectivity, over-the-top streaming entertainment, cloud gaming, and other digital solutions, was made possible by DARE+. We are confident that our partnership with StarHub will continue to add value to businesses by adhering to the principles of simplify, modernise, and monetise.”

As part of this engagement, Tech Mahindra has been working closely with technology partners such as CompaxDigital, Dreamcloud and MATRIXX Software, to provide digital services and solutions in support of StarHub’s ambitious DARE+ strategy, a journey that began with a new focus on customer experience. The transformed solution includes StarHub App, a one-stop shop for StarHub’s customers’ needs to explore, purchase, pay for, and manage existing and new services from a single app. StarHub App is powered by a microservices based comprehensive Digital BSS suite and modern converged charging solution. The app is also integrated with an AI-friendly chatbot that provides offline support for all customer journeys.

Johan Buse, Chief, Consumer Business Group, StarHub, said, “Since embarking on DARE+ a year ago, we have made steady progress going beyond telco, transforming our customer journey as we scale our business. With the new StarHub App, we successfully simplified and de-mystified the payment and service management journey for our customers, by bringing a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution straight onto their palms. We are proud to have planted our flag in the sand, establishing StarHub as the digital market leader that not only has innovative products and services in the pipeline, but a heart for customer support. StarHub is pleased to work with our partners Tech Mahindra, CompaxDigital, Dreamcloud and Matrixx in this final leg of our commitment to offer a best-in-class digital experience.”

Robin Laliberté, SVP Global Sales at CompaxDigital, said, “Leveraging the modular, cloud-native and microservices-based BSS platform, Tech Mahindra and CompaxDigital ensured Starhub has a future-proof technology foundation capable of further enabling new services and business models. We are thrilled to be part of Starhub’s transformation journey led by Tech Mahindra and hope to continue delivering innovative technology solutions enabling an exceptional customer experience.”

Glo Gordon, CEO of MATRIXX Software, said, “StarHub is investing in its transformation to a digital service provider dedicated to providing agile and flexible connectivity, entertainment, lifestyle and business solutions for its customers. By utilising MATRIXX’s 5G monetisation platform, StarHub is at the forefront of innovation, able to deliver services in real-time and meet customers’ changing needs. We are honoured to collaborate with Tech Mahindra and the team at StarHub, and excited to see what more we can accomplish as part of StarHub’s Cloud Infinity initiative.”

Wong Seok Ling, Director, Dreamcloud, said, “Dreamcloud is proud to be a partner along with Tech Mahindra in StarHub’s digital transformation journey. The timeline to launch looked insurmountable but the selection of the right technology coupled with teamwork, passion and commitment of everyone involved made success possible. By leveraging low-code, we were able to accelerate the development of the digital channels, allowing StarHub the speed and agility required in today’s competitive telco landscape.”