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MicroStrategy Expands Partnership With Microsoft to Drive AI-Enabled Analytics

The partnership will integrate MicroStrategy’s advanced analytics capabilities with Azure OpenAI Service to help businesses harness the full potential of their data.

Through this partnership, MicroStrategy is further investing in and enhancing the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities within its analytics platform, MicroStrategy ONE™. The initial use cases are expected to range from natural language capabilities for generating new visualizations and dashboards, to productivity enhancements related to code, workflow, schema, and content creation.

The partnership between MicroStrategy and Microsoft will empower business users to make faster, more informed decisions and accelerate the development of new analytical applications.

“We are optimally positioned to increase productivity across large enterprises and all business intelligence personas by leveraging AI-driven technologies,” said Cezary Raczko, Executive Vice President, Engineering, MicroStrategy. “We are pleased to team with Microsoft to integrate Azure OpenAI Service to enhance our solution and bring these high-impact capabilities to market.”

The partnership also includes the integration of MicroStrategy’s products with Microsoft 365, including powerful integrations with Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint, to provide businesses with enhanced analytics capabilities in the cloud.

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with MicroStrategy to enable our joint customers to leverage MicroStrategy’s analytics capabilities in the cloud through Microsoft Azure’s flexibility and world-class reliability,” said Gustavo Blum, GM, Cloud Solutions, ISV Business Development, Sales & Strategy, Microsoft. “Our collaboration agreement will enable us to accelerate the availability of MicroStrategy’s product innovations on Azure, including the integrations with Azure OpenAI Service and Microsoft 365.”

This partnership represents a significant step forward in the world of AI-enabled analytics, providing businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing and analyzing their data in the cloud. MicroStrategy and Microsoft are committed to driving innovation and delivering value to customers through this collaboration.