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HITS 2023: EPAM Examines Future of AI in Content Supply Chain

At the May 23 Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (HITS) at The Culver Theater, Dave Liu, head of media and entertainment consulting, North America, for EPAM, sees a less-confusing future around AI and media and entertainment.

“What we’ve found is there tends to be a lot of confusion around AI when the term is brought up,” Liu said, during the presentation “ The Future of AI in the Content Supply Chain.” And when it comes to media and entertainment, he offered a relatable analogy: “Think of the AI companies that are out there as essentially directors, doing the broad strokes, architecture, the open AI [companies]. From there you have the models, the sets and actors, bringing unique inputs on images and text. All of that put together becomes a purpose-built model and interface … that’s the production, bringing together those models and creating an experience people can interact with,” Liu said.

Essentially the benefits of AI in the industry boils down to “protect the craft, reduce the stuff,” Liu said. Contrary to the concerns people have around AI taking away creative jobs, the technology instead can give content creators more time to focus on creativity, removing tedious, manual tasks.

In the ideation and creation stage, Liu listed numerous ways AI can come in handy, including drafting ideas and scripts based on audience trends, putting together visual storyboards based off the script, the creation of thematic script summaries for each character, and even pair with metahumans as virtual actors, extras, or script readers.

In the editing and distribution stage, AI can assist in auto-tagging metadata based on objects, talent and more; assemble stringouts based on dialogue and camera angels; suggest sound effects based on the script; and generate translated subtitles.

And on the consumption side, AI can help sort through the proper rights and avails, propose monetization strategies, predict user churn, and generate personalized ad and promo content.

“It’s not about replacing human beings, it’s allowing humans to have more productive days,” he said.

To watch the entire EPAM presentation, click here.

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