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Vision Media Boosts Digital, Exits Physical Business in Deal With P3

Vision Media announced that it will be selling the physical fulfilment and distribution arm of its business to P3 Global Services, an experienced 3PL and fulfilment industry firm. The move allows Vision Media to invest fully in its digital future, building on its role as a force in the digital screening space.

Vision Media plans to bolster its digital team, technology, and user experience, focusing its efforts on screening rooms for sales and publicity teams, FYC sites, and awards screeners. Vision Media’s digital solution, Screener Passport, allows studios and content owners to offer high-end viewing experiences across all major viewing platforms with industry-leading screening security features.

P3 will continue to provide the reliable, timely and cost-effective services that Vision’s customers have relied on for the past 36 years. In fact, many of those years were under the leadership of Vision Media’s founder Michael Alvarez, Jr., who, as co-founder of P3, will be delighted to resume providing physical fulfilment services to Vision Media’s customers. During this period of transition, both P3 and Vision Media are working closely together to minimise any potential disruption, and most of the non-executive members of Vision Media’s fulfilment team will be assuming a parallel role at P3.

“We have been fortunate to have our digital division see significant growth during the pandemic, accelerating a shift to digital that we have foretold and prepared for since the launch of our first digital platform. In turn, we find P3 Global Services to be an excellent steward for physical fulfilment clients that have trusted Vision Media for many years,” said Tim Shanahan, CEO of Vision Media. “Knowing that our long-time entertainment customers will be with an experienced fulfilment and activation company made this transition possible.”

Alvarez Jr. added: “We are excited about this acquisition and honoured to be trusted with serving a slate of notable clients with expert fulfilment services. Adding Vision Media’s fulfilment and distribution services to our existing industry-leading platform reinforces our goal to provide quality service to a wide range of entertainment and retail customers. We’re looking forward to continuing to drive growth for both P3 and our clients.”