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How MediaSilo Helps Simplify Post-Production Workflow

MediaSilo panels help simplify post-production workflows and can save organizations valuable time, allowing users to manage projects inside their video editors, according to Michael Kammes, senior director of innovation at MediaSilo parent company Shift Media.

Now, clients editing with either Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve Studio and/or Adobe’s Premiere Pro can access MediaSilo-stored content from an integrated panel, he said Aug. 30, during the webinar “Managing Projects Inside Your NLE with MediaSilo.

MediaSilo is now “inside some of the most commonly used” non-linear editing systems (NLEs), which he said now includes Adobe and the newest integration with, Blackmagic Davinci Resolve Studio.

MediaSilo tools are also for those who are tired of bouncing between different tabs and platforms to edit their videos.

After all, in post-production, every minute is budgeted; therefore, efficiency is critical, according to MediaSilo.

During the webinar, viewers were also able to learn how to access the most commonly used MediaSilo tools, and how they can get their projects approved faster.

And Dev Lachapelle, senior product manager at Shift Media, also provided demonstrations of what Kammes described as “some interesting new integrations we have here at Shift Media.”

Kammes also provided viewers with a reminder that “we’ve gone through kind of a  rebranding” at the company under the umbrella of Shift Media.

“We’re so thankful that you’re joining us today,” he said, adding:
“We’re looking forward to showing you some of this new tech that we’ve just  released.”

He then told viewers about something he said “just blew my mind,” noting it  was something that somebody else at Shift Media told him about: “the concept of a toggle tax.”

Kammes explained: “At least for me, my toggle tax is on my Mac keyboard, my alt tab … when “you’re bouncing back and forth between applications…. It’s the time that you spend switching between all the different apps on your computer.”

This toggle tax is not something I ever thought about,” he conceded. “It’s kind of just an instinct, almost a reflex at this point bouncing between applications. But the Harvard Business Review actually went through and measured this … after analyzing 20 teams of folks, over a hundred users, 137 to be exact, at three Fortune 500 companies, and they worked with these folks for up to five weeks up to five weeks, in each case to determine how much time is spent with toggle tax. How long are we spending bouncing back and forth between applications? And the numbers they came up with are staggering: 1,200 times each day, we are toggling between applications, sometimes up to 20 applications.”

And he added: “If you multiply this out, not just taking one day and multiplying it, but taking the average across a week, over a full work week, it’s four almost four hours of toggling, which is almost nine percent of what you would work in a typical 40-hour week, which is, of course, what everyone does, in the media industry. But I find that to be staggering, and that goes hand in hand with one of the reasons we developed these panels: So you could do all of your work or most of it inside your creative applications.”