Ascendion Named Market Leader in Generative Enterprise Study From HFS Research

The report examines Ascendion’s capabilities, shedding light on the key reasons, methods, and importance behind their standout generative enterprise services.

This landmark report offers the first-ever competitive analysis of 35 global professional services firms and the value they bring to enterprises leveraging generative AI technologies.

As a market leader, Ascendion uses AI for generating new ideas to define how software engineering work gets done. By harnessing AI to forge innovative solutions and redefine work processes, Ascendion has positioned itself as the prime choice for enterprises aiming to utilize AI for insightful digital transformation.

The HFS report emphasises Ascendion’s evolution into a generative enterprise powerhouse, praising its drive for efficiency, risk mitigation, and agile team deployment.

Some of the highlighted strengths include:

–Ascendion’s combination of credibility, agility, and expertise in guiding early-stage client strategies.
–Proactive deployment of generative AI across the board, including certification of its engineering community. Notably, Ascendion has constructed LLMs for both internal and external applications.
–A 30% to 50% boost in software engineering productivity with minimised risk, complemented by a strategic digital talent orchestration.

“In our relentless pursuit of innovation, Ascendion is fully committed to the transformative power of generative AI. Based upon years of experience in developing and utilising AI-powered tools, the future possibilities with this technology truly excite us,” remarks Karthik Krishnamurthy, CEO of Ascendion. “With an unwavering commitment to responsibility, security, and expediency, we’re ecstatic to materialise our vision of business impact driven by applied AI. Our overarching goal is to equip both businesses and individuals to navigate and flourish amidst the swiftly shifting technological tides.”

One of the report’s focal points was Ascendion’s proprietary software engineering platform, Ascendion AVA. This platform has been a significant force in the company’s success in serving a client base primarily made of Fortune 500 enterprises.

“Ascendion doesn’t just believe in the power of the Generative Enterprise, it is going all out to become one. This first-hand experience is resulting in expertise that will serve its clients well,” said David Cushman, executive research leader, HFS Research.