AVTpro Debuts as New Professional Certification in Media Localisation

Tired of endless scrolling through CVs to look for translators with the right level of experience for your media localisation projects? What do all the different course certificates and degrees really mean in terms of the candidate’s skill level? With an ever-growing number of training courses on subtitling and dubbing, at varying levels of granularity and excellence, it has become increasingly difficult and time-consuming to single out the right talent for one’s needs without a cumbersome and costly testing process.

For translators in today’s global and dynamic media localisation market, where precision and creative skills are paramount, standing out from the crowd is as essential to them as it is to their LSP clients.

The AVTpro initiative is an excellent opportunity for professionals seeking to do just that.

As the first-ever professional certification in media localisation, AVTpro sets the standard for excellence and proficiency in the field. Its development has been funded by nine leading media localisers and one software provider that powers the platform on which the certification is run.

This reflects the shared commitment in addressing the talent recruitment needs of the sector. This collaborative initiative is also endorsed by experienced translation professionals, researchers and academics, many of whom have contributed to it under the leadership of renowned academic Prof. Jorge Díaz-Cintas, who has spearheaded its design and implementation.

Two certifications have already been designed: AVTpro Subtitle Translation and AVTpro Subtitle Creation.

The former is scheduled to open its first exam period on December 4th, 2023, for a duration of two weeks and for a total of four language pairs (English into French, Italian, German and Castilian Spanish), while the latter will be launched in early 2024. As a prerequisite to sit either certification, candidates are shortlisted and must successfully pass the automated AVTpro Subtitling Basics exam.

“After the hard work of the past year with a fantastic team of professionals, I’m thrilled the certification is now live!“, says Jorge Díaz-Cintas. “The project is the fruit of the enthusiastic input from a wide range of stakeholders, and we hope that it will contribute to the maturity of our industry”.

The certification promises to be a career-enhancing journey for aspiring and seasoned professionals alike. We invite you all to join the ranks of industry leaders embracing this certification and showcasing the expertise of your translators. You can also contribute to developing it further with more language pairs and additional certificates to support the needs of your operations best. For more details, visit the AVTpro website: