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Ateliere’s New Complimentary Media Supply Chain Analysis, Consulting Programs Help Jump Start a Healthier Operation

Ateliere Creative Technologies launched a new complimentary Professional Services offering that provides assessments for studios, broadcasters, post facilities, and content owners to easily identify and solve media supply chain pain points and achieve maximum operational efficiency.

Addressing critical areas of media supply chain health, the first in a series of programmes to roll out in 2024, “Deduplication Analysis” and “Library Componentization Analysis” provide actionable data and expert guidance so that stakeholders can make informed decisions to maximise content ROI and improve their bottom line.

“The media supply chain is complex and vast — often a black box of unusable data and storage bloat from the various versions created for each title. There is often a lack of clarity about what you actually have, limiting monetisation opportunities,” says Dan Goman, CEO of Ateliere. “Our new efficiency assessments leverage our deep bench of industry expertise and data to provide media organisations with a clear view of inefficiencies and a prescriptive fix. The first services we’ve introduced focus on video de-duplication and componentised library workflows, which represent some of the biggest cost savings and workflow efficiency gains for our customers. These programmes focus on fixing many of the headaches associated with localisation and compliance, optimising operational efficiency for media businesses.”

Ateliere’s new complimentary consulting programmes provide a window into how media businesses can transform the way they operate through video file deduplication cost savings and standardising the creation of content master versions for wider adoption and distribution to different regions, platforms and delivery mechanisms with componentisation enabled by formats like the Interoperable Master Format (IMF).

Potential customers can engage Ateliere’s Professional Services Team for efficiency assessments around:

–Video Deduplication Cost-Savings Analysis: By performing a thorough media library analysis, customers can identify opportunities for consolidating redundant video files, reducing cloud storage, compute and QC costs. The data-driven process shows just how much customers can save by deduplicating media libraries.

–Library Componentisation Readiness Evaluation: Either as a part of the process of deduplication or as a standalone analysis, Ateliere can help businesses weigh the pros and cons of implementing a componentised library. This equips decision-makers with an informed, thoughtful and detailed analysis guided by the team’s years of experience to decide if it’s the right time to future-proof content by switching to a componentised library.

Dan concludes, “These services provide a white glove approach to untangling hidden data and fast-tracking operational analysis so our customers can make data-driven decisions based on concrete results and tailored consulting.”