New Dubformer Initiative Enables Record Studios, LSPs to Offer AI Services

Dubformer, an AI company developing proprietary dubbing and voice-over solutions, is launching a new programme for audio industry professionals. The initiative will allow record studios, language service providers (LSPs), sound engineers, and other industry players to elevate their businesses by offering AI services to their clients.

By leveraging AI, participants can slash localisation expenses by as much as 60%.

As a part of the programme, Dubformer grants access to its proprietary AI voice-over and dubbing tools, which have been tested by leading global media and entertainment companies.

“We see numerous scenarios where studios can grow their businesses through the use of AI,” said Anton Dvorkovich, Dubformer’s CEO and co-founder. “As AI reduces localisation costs, more clients will be able to afford voice-over and dubbing services, leading to market expansion. Our programme will assist clients that lack experience in AI or are dissatisfied with the performance of currently available AI solutions.”

While the human touch still remains essential for quality, Dubformer aims to build a community of innovators, uniting developers and creative professionals exploring AI.

The programme will also help early adopters to integrate AI into traditional business models, streamline operations, and explore new market opportunities through collaboration with AI experts.

To join the programme’s co-pilot please submit an application HERE.