Ascendion Receives Ally Financial Innovation Award at 2024 Supplier Symposium

Ascendion, a leading provider of AI-first software engineering services, received the Supplier Diversity: Innovation Award from Ally, a digital financial services company with the nation’s largest all-digital bank. Ascendion was recognized for demonstrating excellence in delivering industry-leading innovative solutions, fostering a strong partnership, and driving positive outcomes through software engineering work for Ally.

The Innovation Award, given for the first time by Ally, is presented to the provider that best demonstrates excellence in industry-leading innovative solutions. Ascendion provides Ally a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing cloud enablement, application modernization, platform and data software engineering and advanced AI technologies.

“Ally’s recognition underscores our belief that success in the digital economy demands the best ideas,” said Karthik Krishnamurthy, CEO, Ascendion. “Ascendion is thrilled to work with Ally and bring our digital engineering expertise and perspectives to serve Ally’s customers and communities while demonstrating our strong commitment to building a workforce for the future.”

Ascendion was formally recognized during Ally’s Supplier Symposium. The Symposium strengthens relationships with businesses and encourages the creation of economic value, mobility, and an inclusive future for all of Ally’s partners.

“Ally is committed to advancing an inclusive and sustainable marketplace by creating and sustaining mutually beneficial partnerships with diverse suppliers,” said John Sack, Chief Procurement Officer, Ally. “Ascendion delivers creative solutions and diverse perspectives bolstered with a value engineering approach that is helping Ally achieve our business goals.”