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Revolutionizing Global Distribution: Inside Iyuno’s Cutting-Edge Production, Media Hub

In the fast-paced global distribution supply chain of the media and entertainment industry, the increasing demand for simplification requires innovation and comprehensive service offerings. Content producers look for end-to-end providers capable of managing the entire distribution process seamlessly.

The inauguration of Iyuno’s ultramodern production and media hub in Burbank, Calif. underlines Iyuno’s commitment to be the preferred premier service provider and partner in the field.

This article offers insights into how Iyuno caters to clients’ needs, highlighting the company’s dedication to understanding and addressing the evolving requirements of both clients and the industry.

Furthermore, it highlights Iyuno’s efforts to elevate creative, technical, and workflow standards to unparalleled levels.

Designed to better serve our clients’ needs, this strategic investment will ensure long-term partnership viability. Key among the expressed needs was the desire to provide high-quality English dubbing for the U.S. and other English-speaking territories at scale.

Responding to this demand, this new Iyuno English dubbing facility boasts 10 dubbing studios and four Dolby Atmos-equipped mixing stages, meticulously crafted to the acoustic standards set by renowned designer Andy Munro.

Included in this are a large format ADR/Pre-Lay studio capable of supporting groups of performers and an impressive Dolby Atmos theatrical mix stage.

Additionally, our expanded Media Services department houses eight audio and video QC suites, extensive encoding, graphics, and conformance/editing capabilities, and a dedicated ATMOS master QC suite.

This enhanced infrastructure empowers us to deliver end-to-end localization workflows that align with the diverse requirements of global streaming and broadcast platforms.

This increased ability, and range of services enables us to deliver end-to-end localization workflow media operations, meeting the diverse specifications of streaming and broadcast platforms worldwide.

As the global headquarters for Iyuno, this new facility now serves as a hub for innovation, allowing us to integrate the latest technological advancements into our creative and technical processes.

From AI-based workflows and tools, to streamlined management practices we continually strive to deliver an unparalleled strategic partnership experience.

Whether you’re a content creator, industry professional, voice talent, or technician, we invite you to collaborate with us to elevate the art of storytelling.

Visit our website at weare.iyuno.com/headquarters or contact [email protected] to learn more about Iyuno and our new Burbank headquarters and how we can partner to bring your content to life.

* By Chris Carey, EVP, Americas Operations, Iyuno *