KLaunch and Slalom Collaborate to Revolutionize Customer Experience with AI

KLaunch announced a strategic collaboration with Slalom Consulting, a global business and technology consulting company. This alliance marks a significant milestone for enterprise customers as Slalom will serve as an implementation partner to bridge enterprise (public and private) organisations with the adoption of KBot Lightning technologies in their respective ecosystems.

Slalom has earned the distinction and primary recipient award of the KLaunch global integration partner – Request for Proposal (RFP), following a rigorous evaluation process to identify superior advisory, consulting, implementation, and delivery capabilities. Slalom’s worldwide reach and proven track record in crafting and implementing AI-powered solutions seamlessly align with KLaunch’s vision of innovation and excellence.

“We are excited to join forces with Slalom,” said Josh Ross, CEO at KLaunch. “The synergy between our companies is remarkable, signifying a shared commitment to innovation, delivering tangible results, and providing exceptional experiences that truly matter to clients and their customers.”

The KLaunch omni-channel AI platform, coupled with Slalom’s capabilities presents a unique opportunity to deliver tangible outcomes and truth metrics to organisations globally during this critical adoption phase of the AI revolution.

Together, the alliance will leverage zero-party, persistent data, and intuitive workflow automation to help create human-centred outcomes, desired by organisations and their consumers, patients, and constituents.

Slalom has demonstrated technical proficiency and a track record of customer success in crafting tailored AI solutions across various industries. This expertise underscores Slalom’s dedication to advancing services, tools, and infrastructure crucial for implementing KLaunch’s omni-channel conversational AI technologies.

“We’re committed to helping our customers get the most out of AI solutions,” said Amy Loftus, Chief Customer Officer at Slalom. “By combining our human-centred AI expertise with KLaunch’s commitment to AI advancement, we can deliver outcomes that materially improve the experiences of our customers and their customers.”

Together, KLaunch and Slalom are dedicated to realising the full potential of the KBot Lightning + HumanX solutions. By integrating KLaunch’s cutting-edge technology with Slalom’s strategic and transformational expertise, the partnership will empower organisations to seamlessly integrate AI-driven solutions into their operations, maximising efficiency, and delivering unparalleled customer experiences.