EPAM Acquires Odysseus

EPAM Systems announced its acquisition of Odysseus Data Services, Inc., a top health data analytics company. Odysseus will expand EPAM’s ability to transform the life sciences value chain through advanced data analytics, data methods and artificial intelligence.

“We are pleased to have Odysseus join EPAM. With their strong capabilities in Real-World Evidence and Real-World Data — the ‘glue’ between multiple segments of the life sciences value chain — our natural synergies make this an exciting time to add this to our portfolio to help our clients achieve better outcomes,” said Greg Killian, Senior Vice President of Life Sciences at EPAM. “We see the next wave of innovation based on standardized data powering AI and GenAI to improve life sciences research, clinical studies and post-market surveillance. Based on the combined strengths of EPAM and Odysseus, we are well positioned to lead that innovation.”

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Odysseus generates healthcare data insights and evidence for clients through skilled data science and analytics, software engineering and data management and ontology and vocabulary management.

The company’s focus on a standardized and systematic approach to healthcare data analytics is the foundation for a better understanding of the inner workings of healthcare interventions in drug treatment, drug safety and efficacy, epidemiological research, provider support, quality measurements and cost reduction. Odysseus is an active member of the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics” (OHDSI) collaborative and is intimately involved in the open standards and open science community through participation in research and development, including OMOP CDM, open source tools and methods.

“We’re excited to join the EPAM family,” said Gregory Klebanov, CEO of Odysseus. “With EPAM’s strong foundation in AI, machine learning, data analytics and data management and cloud infrastructure combined with our healthcare data analytics and Real World Evidence expertise, we can address the whole life sciences value chain more comprehensively.”