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XL8 and Cineverse Announce AI-Powered Captioning and Localisation Partnership

XL8 and Cineverse announced an agreement to enhance Cineverse’s Matchpoint content management and distribution platform with XL8’s advanced AI-driven captioning and localisation capabilities.

This partnership marks a milestone in the media and entertainment industry. It combines XL8’s real-time AI-powered localisation supply chain solutions, including AI-generated subtitle and caption creation along with its proprietary machine translation engines, with Cineverse’s content management and distribution platform.

This direct API integration streamlines how vast content libraries are captioned and localised, while reducing the costs required to serve the needs of global audiences with more diverse, culturally relevant, accessible translations and captions.

Embedding AI localisation into the media supply chain enables Cineverse to offer a broader range of content to their audiences at a lower cost and speed with accuracy and consistency.

XL8’s MediaCAT APIs will serve as a critical link in Cineverse’s digital media supply chain, which will leverage XL8’s AI technology to efficiently manage the localisation functions within the company’s proprietary Matchpoint all-in-one OTT and streaming platform. Matchpoint streamlines the distribution process and enhances the overall management and monetisation of digital media by automating workflows with AI capabilities. As an established leader in the Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) sector, Cineverse offers its channel operators a scalable, fully automated content delivery product suite that now includes translation, captioning, and localisation.

MediaCAT builds innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide high-quality, real-time media content translation. The platform integrates seamlessly into existing automated workflows while adhering to the industry’s standards for security and compliance.

“Our partnership with Cineverse demonstrates our ongoing commitment to innovation and leadership in the AI-powered media localisation market,” said Josh Pine, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at XL8. “Embedding our platform into an automated media delivery system for FAST represents an industry milestone, and we’re thrilled to be part of a solution that empowers media companies with fast, accurate, and culturally nuanced translations to expand their reach to global audiences.”

Cineverse’s Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer, Tony Huidor, added, “Integrating XL8’s top-tier AI auto caption creation and machine translation engines into Matchpoint allows us to leverage next-generation technology to help Cineverse and our partners to easily expand our business internationally without incurring significant costs. Through the power of Matchpoint and XL8’s MediaCAT, our content partners can now more effectively maximise their distribution and improve monetisation for their content libraries.”