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Streamlining VOD Operations: HOT’s Integration of OOONA’s QA Manager

With over tens of thousands VOD assets at any given time, HOT was in need of a robust solution to manage and monitor frequent asset updates and ensure quality control.

HOT, Israel’s leading telecom company, offers extensive services including TV, mobile, internet, and fibre solutions, with a strong focus on VOD services. HOT’s in-house team manages everything from content acquisition to editing, transcoding, translating, and promoting the assets.


Before implementing OOONA’s solutions, HOT faced several critical challenges:

-Manual Processes: HOT’s team relied heavily on manual tracking and updates via Excel and email. This method was not only time-consuming but also prone to human error across their vast VOD catalog.
-Error Management: Identifying and prioritising errors was a significant hurdle as well. Critical errors, such as incorrect pricing or asset metadata, could lead to customer dissatisfaction and potential revenue loss if not addressed promptly.
-Scalability Issues: With an ever-expanding catalog, HOT’s legacy system was not scalable. Managing over tens of thousands of assets and making hundreds of daily updates required a more efficient and scalable solution.

OOONA’s QA Manager Solution

HOT chose OOONA’s QA Manager to address these challenges based on OOONA’s industry leading reputation for media and localisation tools. The capability of OOONA’s QA Manager to automate and scale traditional, labour-intensive and time-consuming QA workflows was an opportunity to create something truly scalable for HOT. “OOONA QA Manager has significantly reduced the time needed to fix issues. We can now perform a full quality check on various devices, ensuring a better customer experience.” – Aviran Barlev, Content Operations Director at HOT Telecommunications.


The implementation of OOONA’s QA Manager at HOT involved integrating the system with HOT’s existing CMS to ensure seamless data synchronisation and maintain data integrity. The system was customised to automate workflows for error handling and updates, meeting HOT’s specific operational needs. Comprehensive training was provided to familiarise the staff with the new system, along with ongoing support from OOONA.


The adoption of OOONA’s QA Manager brought significant improvements to HOT’s QA operations:

-Increased Efficiency: 10x faster improvement in time to resolve errors. Automated workflows reduced the time needed to address issues, with critical errors now being resolved in as little as one hour. The system streamlines daily tasks, allowing the team to focus on higher-priority activities.
-Enhanced Accuracy: Automated checks improved the accuracy of VOD asset metadata and pricing. This minimises the risk of errors that could affect customer satisfaction and revenue.
-Improved Scalability: 100% improvement in VOD Catalog operations. The system’s flexibility allowed HOT to easily manage its expanding catalog without additional resources. This enabled the existing team to handle an increasing volume of assets and updates efficiently.
-Data-Driven Insights: QA Manager provides dashboards and reports that offer valuable insights into error trends and operational performance. They will enable HOT to make informed decisions and optimise processes continuously.

Future Steps

Looking forward, HOT plans to further integrate additional OOONA tools to streamline subtitling processes and explore AI solutions to automate content previews and metadata generation. Enhancing the QA Manager dashboard for better management insights and implementing AI-driven solutions for content analysis and promo creation are also on the roadmap. “OOONA’s QA Manager not only helps us manage the day-to-day and the quality of our VOD Library, but it also gives us insights into overall trends or where we can improve the whole localisation process.” – Aviran Barlev, Content Operations Director at HOT Telecommunications


OOONA’s QA Manager has enabled HOT to significantly improve its VOD service management, reducing operational costs and enhancing customer satisfaction. By automating processes, improving accuracy, and providing valuable insights, OOONA’s solutions have transformed HOT’s operations and positioned the company for future innovations in media localisation.